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TEATU claim that their 14 and 28 day teatox products are the strongest and most effective on the market! Now that's a pretty bold claim, so we put their 28 day teatox to the test.. and weren't disappointed!

TEATU Teatox Review

After having our email inbox blown up with requests to review the heavily hyped weight loss tea, TEATU teatox, we finally caved and ordered the 28 day weight loss bundle pack so we could conduct a full TEATU Teatox review.

TEATU not only produce 14 and 28 day Teatox products but also produce several other weight loss products that are intended to be used along side the Teatox to give the best results. After placing our order, we received SMS/Text messages alerting us that our order had been dispatched within 30 minutes! The product turned up the next day discreetly packaged and well wrapped.

First Impressions

The bundle we received contained a 28 day weight loss Teatox course, 1 bottle of their slimming pills called Thermalix and 1 bottle of CLA softgels. TEATU claim that using the 3 products together can produce incredible weight loss results. Looking at their results section on their homepage it certainly looks impressive, but would it live up to the hype and produce the results they claimed?

Teatu Teatox Box

Putting The Product To The Test

The team conducting the TEATU Teatox review were told to not make any significant changes to their calorie intake, dietary food choices or exercise regimes.

Prior to beginning the TEATU teatox we recorded all of their starting weight and BMI numbers, so we had something to compare the end results to.

The team were told to follow the instructions set by TEATU exactly. The directions of the bundle are quite simple. Brew 1 teabag into a flask and drink several cups throughout the day, take 1 Thermalix capsule in the morning + 1 capsule in the PM, and finally take 3 CLA soft gels evening during the day.

After the 28 days we compared the final weight of each member of the team. Average results showed a 10-12 pound reduction in body weight. BMI had also decreased. When interviewed, 4 out of 5 members of the team stated that they experienced higher energy levels and a reduced appetite.

Judging by the results, we have concluded the TEATU is a very effective weight loss product. The bundle certainly worked and did exactly what TEATU promised.

TEATU Teatox Facts

– Produced under the trading name TEATU, the parent company name is Astral Nutrition.

– TEATU is 100% produced in the United Kingdom.

– Their 28 Day Teatox ships with a free bottle of Thermalix Slimming Pills.

What does the TEATU Teatox claim to do?

TEATU claim that their Teatox product helps boost metabolism, control appetite, detoxify and energize the body. They also claim that the tea is the most effective weight loss tea on the market.

The legitimacy of these claims depends completely on the ingredients used within the product. Our research team verifies these within the next paragraph.

What Are The Teatox Ingredients?

The TEATU website states that the ingredients for each tea are as follows:

Daytime Detox: Green Tea Leaves, Cocoa Peel, Spearmint, Green Coffee, Ginseng and Chilli Chai.

Nighttime Cleanse: Peppermint, Rooibos, Lavender, Licorice, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Senna, Natural Caramel flavour

Our research team stated that the first notable thing about all of these ingredients is their cost. These are not cheap ingredients to use. Whereas most other Teatox products opt for cheaper and less effective tea blends, here we can see proven fat burning/metabolism boosting ingredients such as Green Coffee and Chilli Chat. Note: these ingredients have also been shown to dramatically reduce appetite with regular usage, so we are happy to verify the “controls appetite” claim as correct (at least for most users).

Not only are these blends good for burning fat, there are also numerous detox ingredients within the blends, such as Green Tea Leaves, Ginseng, Cocoa Peel and Senna. These ingredients have research-backed proof that they contribute towards a healthy body and lifestyle – it would be great to see more companies using ingredients like these, however as we said earlier, they are not cheap ingredients.

The final claim of “Energize(s) the body” is a little vague, however we are assuming means will give users more energy during their day. If we’re correct on this assumption, the caffeine content of the day blend will certainly keep users feeling awake and alert.

Are There Any Side Effects To This Teatox?

Looking at the ingredients we can state that the possible side effects would be headaches and insomnia – this would be if you’re particularly sensitive to caffeine. Our research team did note that if anyone was to experience insomnia from using the daytime detox blend they would probably see the side-effect cancelled out when using the nighttime cleanse blend, as it contains relaxant ingredients.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

We were able to find plenty of reviews on the TEATU website.

Elaine on Oct 02, 2016
I’ve lost about 5 pounds using this teatox. Very nice taste too.

Sylvia on Sep 28, 2016
Ive lost 3 stone using this product + thermalix + CLA over the course of 4 months. Absolutely swear by teatu – all my friends are using it too 🙂

Alice on Aug 12, 2016
The weight has fallen off me since i started taking this product. I’ll be placing another order this week xoxo

So Does TEATU Teatox Work?

Looking at ingredients and based on our own experience, yes TEATU is an effective product for burning fat.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

This product is available in most high street health food retailers such as Holland & Barrett.

You can also purchase the TEATU teatox online via their homepage.

Our Verdict

With so many teatox products available is really is difficult to pick out a product that really does work. We can say that TEATU definitely does work. The ingredients used are all proven and researched weight loss and detox herbs. We highly recommend this product for anyone looking for an effective weight loss tea.

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Suzanne North on Email
Suzanne North
In-House Product Analyst
Suzanne comes from a background in human nutrition and specialises in nutraceutical weight loss. Since joining the Teatox Reviews team she has analysed over 100 different products and counting!
Disclaimer: All of our product reviews are based on research and evidence available within the public domain. The presented information above includes our personal opinion. It is important to note that research presented, manufacturer claims and product formulations can potentially change, making some statements outdated and/or incorrect. Please contact us if you feel anything written is inaccurate.


  • Great ingredients list
  • Good customer feedback
  • Before & after results pictures available
  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Not the cheapest product
  • Only available direct from manufacturer- no price competition


Value For Money - 9
Taste - 8.5
Effectiveness - 9.5
Formula - 9