TeatoxReviews – A Full Disclosure!

Our mission at TeatoxReviews.org is to provide our readers with fact-based research and analysis across numerous different products within the weight loss industry. In order for us to keep producing high quality content for our readers we require funding for costs such as salaries for our research time, web hosting and development costs and all the other small things that goes into keeping a website like this up and running. When a one of our readers decides to purchase certain products that are featured on our website, we receive compensation. This means we are financed via affiliate sales.

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  • Every review written on this site were has been made possible by compensation by our affiliates. It’s important to note that our primary purpose is to provide our readers with the best and impartial product advise.
  • All affiliate products must pass our rigorous criteria before we are willing to accept them as a sponsor. This keeps our top rated product list to, what we believe to be, the highest standard.
  • Affiliate links are placed within various reviews throughout TeatoxReviews.org. We receive a small commission when a product is purchased through a reader going on to purchase a product using one of these affiliate links.

No statement on this website have been reviewed by any Government administration or regulatory body. TeatoxReviews does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Information on this site should be taken as opinion.